The Dispersion Chair

Project Information

Year: 2022

Location: Denver, CO

Category: Residential



Species: Ash

Project Description

The Dispersion Chair

This unique lounge chair was made from ash and finished with Precolor Easy Nordic White and Oil Plus 2C Super White.

The designer of the piece, Scott Bennett, gave a little back story about how this work of art came to be: "Via computer modeling, we started with a basic square lounge chair made from solid wood sides, seat, and back. We gave it some representative loading conditions and used finite element analysis to measure the stress and strain on all the components. We then applied a generative design algorithm to gradually remove material and stress test the resulting shape. This process ran thousands of times until all the unnecessary material was gone. The result is fundamentally similar to how natural selections acts on structures in nature to produce maximum efficiency. Not surprisingly, the Dispersion chair has a form resembling natural organic shapes, like bones or branches. It is startlingly light, delicate but strong- reminiscent of bird skeletons in the collections of natural history museums."

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