Rubio Monocoat SheenPlus can sitting on a wood surface that is half matte and half satin sheen


For an oiled look with increased sheen


"My overall experience using Rubio Monocoat Oil Plue 2C has been fantastic. While we had to try a couple of different colors to determine the one we wanted, the product itself is very easy to handle and apply. It created a beautiful finished product and exceeded expectations. Please keep making quality products for your customers throughout the world!"

Hank P.

"Incredible! Almost stopped making furniture because finishing was so tedious. Rubio Monocoat kept me in the game because it's so simple to use, smells so good, and produces such great results.

Derek J.

"I have been holding out on using this product because traditional stain/finishes are so cheap but holy smokes, I’ll never go back. This is so easy to use, wayyyy less fumes, great finish and protection. Aside from not giving that glazed look from poly, it’s by far the best wood finish I’ve used. Will 100% be using this everywhere I can"

Eric S.


Rubio Monocoat is the wood finish of choice on countless projects throughout the world. The Rubio Monocoat Gallery features images and information from large scale commercial jobs to small DIY projects. Sort by product, colour, species, type, or category to take a peek into these inspirational projects.

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