Vincent Solis - Curvy Console

Vincent Solis - Curvy Console

Vincent Solis - Curvy Console

About the Maker

Vincent Solis is a remarkably outstanding young wood worker who recently graduated from Conestoga College this past year. His “Curvy Console” capstone project was awarded the “Master Craftsman Award” and additionally selected as the “Best in Manufactured Product” amongst all the final year projects. What an honorable accomplishment! Vincent was enthusiastic about his project (rightly so!) and reached out to the team here at RMC USA to share some of his experience.

Curvy Console

How did you hear about RMC?

I first heard about RMC in an online forum when I was looking for a product that would give me a flat sheen for this table. I also noticed a few users on Instagram bragging about RMC, and I was impressed by what I saw in the pictures posted.

Curvy Console Side

What made you choose RMC?

I did a little extra research about the Oil Plus 2C and the things I read about (one coat application, zero VOCs, the protective properties on the cellular level, fast curing period etc.) seemed almost too good to be true. I bought a couple samples of the 'Intense Black' Precolor Easy and 'Pure' Oil Plus 2C to try on a test panel and was blown away by the deep colour that I was able to achieve with the ‘Intense Black’ on Ash! Also, the flat sheen that I was able to achieve with RMC was exactly what I was looking for.

Curvy Console top

How was your experience working with RMC?

Working with RMC was a very pleasurable experience. I believe it does take some basic finishing know-how in order to get a great result, but the process was simple and straight forward...And the smell! Not at all foul or offensive smelling...many of my peers said it reminded them of some kind of tea.

Curvy Console drawer

What is your favorite thing about RMC?

My favorite thing about RMC is the look and feel of the wood you get when using this product. It does a beautiful job of bringing out the colour and grain.

Curvy Console Close up

Do you plan on continuing to use RMC?

I definitely plan on continuing to use RMC. I look forward to getting the chance to experiment with some of the other colour choices that are available as well.

Would your project have been the same without using RMC on it?

I don't believe that this table would have been the same without RMC. It would have been tough to try and get such a deep black colour on the Ash using other products and/or methods. And the look and feel of the wood wouldn't have been the same had I gone with a film finish or basic oil type of product.

Products: Oil Plus 2C "Pure" & Precolor Easy "Intense Black"
Wood Species: Mahogany, Ash, and Sycamore

Follow Vincent and his work on Instagram @sokalcustomwoodworking