Fourteen woodworkers from across the world traveled to Rubio Monocoat headquarters in Belgium for the Rubio Monocoat Atelier 2022. At this event, the makers were split into two teams and challenged to create a piece of furniture to be raffled off to benefit Aynimundo, a Peruvian charity striving to help disabled children reintegrate into society. Raffle tickets are available now for just $5!
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In 2018, we took our commitment to the next level by adding the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold label to our certificates. This label guarantees you, our customer, that our products will continue to meet the high standard you expect of them regarding emissions for years to come.
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Originally created in 1950, the low table rod base (LTRs) were made using a revolutionary mass-production technique, discovered by the Eames, for simultaneously welding wire rods.
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Vincent Solis is a remarkably outstanding young wood worker who recently graduated from Conestoga College this past year. His “Curvy Console” capstone project was awarded the “Master Craftsman Award” and additionally selected as the “Best in Manufactured Product” amongst all the final year projects.
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