Project Information

Year: 2018

Location: Byron bay, Australia

Category: Commercial

Type: Furniture, Millwork


Project Description


Rubio Monocoat is the reference when it comes to high quality and environmentally friendly wood protection. That is one reason why Shackpalace chose Rubio Monocoat. “We used Rubio Monocoat because it is zero VOC, which is really important to us,” says Samara from Shackpalace Rituals.

VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds is a term for the chemical substance that evaporates into the air after applying oil. These chemical substances are very hazardous to both man and the environment. From the very start it was clear for Rubio Monocoat to not use a low VOC content that could still be open for discussion, but instead produce an oil with absolutely 0% VOC. This was decided even before the legislative bodies set strict emission norms in 2010. This means that the product is very safe to use, but equally safe for your environment because Rubio Monocoat oil is based on natural ingredients.

“But the 0%VOC wasn’t the only reason why Shackpalace chose Rubio Monocoat. We also really like the beautiful satin finish and the fact that the grain and quality of the timber is maintained, where some other waxes tend to hide that grain. We also love the depth that the charcoal colour, which we used, gives to our space. It is also easy to apply being a one coat system which was very useful for us!”

Shackpalace is a building design studio, headed by Frank Macchia which focusses on designing conscious homes that encourage us to rethink the way we live. Their office also has a storefront called Shackpalace Rituals. They work together with local makers to design beautiful, artisan objects and ingredients. “At Shackpalace Rituals we love the idea of paring back the clutter in our homes, and surrounding ourselves with objects that serve us best, inspiring through their aesthetics, sustainability and usefulness.”

Their vision definitely meets the vision of Rubio Monocoat. Durability, environmentally friendly and economical oil were as well top priority for Rubio Monocoat from the start. That’s why we were thrilled to help Shackpalace with their choice of oil.
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