Private Beach Villa

Project Information

Year: 2023

Location: Ghana

Category: Residential

Type: Millwork, Cabinetry


Micheline Abou Zeidan


GMC Construction Ltd

SD Property Solutions Ltd

Species: Oak (European), Exotic (Misc)

Project Description

Private Beach Villa

This beach villa is teeming with stunning millwork and wood accents! Its modern styling is beautifully balanced with serene earth tones.

Inside the villa doesn't take away from the natural landscape outside, but effortlessly creates an extension of it!

The millwork and cabinetry were crafted from French Oak and finished using Oil Plus 2C "White".

White Ofram was used to craft the bar and kitchen island and was finished using Oil Plus 2C "Smoke"!

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Multiple interior wood surfaces to finish? Oil Plus 2C can do it all!