Mixed Species Staircase

Project Information

Year: 2022

Location: Crystal Lake, IL

Category: Residential

Type: Flooring

Species: Walnut, Exotic (Misc)

Project Description

Mixed Species Staircase

From the walnut newels completed with wenge caps to the gorgeous zebrawood stair treads and risers accented with walnut and wenge, this staircase is an incredible masterpiece!

Floor Master Co. expertly crafted this unique staircase! First, the 4x4 walnut newels and the 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" railings were made from 5" solid walnut flooring.

The treads and risers are zebrawood, walnut, and wenge. The strips of wenge were glued to the zebrawood, then the grain direction was switched on the walnut to give it a waterfall effect. A modern look was achieved by connecting the treads and risers at an 80° angle.

The walnut and wenge wood was finished using Oil Plus 2C "Walnut" while the zebrawood was finished with "Pure".

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Oil Plus 2C keeps the natural look and feel of wood, regardless of the species!