Leadwood River Table

Project Information

Year: 2019

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Category: Residential

Type: Furniture



Species: Exotic (Misc)

Project Description

Leadwood River Table

This table was created from a salvaged leadwood slab that was found in South Africa.

The 10.5' long slab was split down the center and flipped around to create this beautiful black river with the natural golden shore lines of this truly South African piece of wood. The table top was finished and brought to life with Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C - Pure.

After the table was prepared and sanded to 180 grit, they applied RMC Oil Plus 2C - Pure, and was left for 5 min to ensure a molecular bond was made and with a clean dry cloth all excess oil was removed.

“Once you’ve worked with RMC products you won’t use any other product to finish a furniture piece again. With live edge slabs you want to ensure that all the natural qualities of the wood is brought to life and RMC does that every time without fail. It leaves the wood looking and feeling perfect. With the 0% VOC it makes it the best option for a table.” - Krijnauw Joubert - Owner

Krijnauw was found in June 2018 by owner Krijnauw Joubert. A passion to create beautiful bespoke furniture pieces is what drives them to become the benchmark in resin river tables in South Africa. Being able to bring together a variety of different materials from wood, steel, resin, brass, glass etc. allows them to think outside the box and create out of the norm products that leave you wondering what the next piece will look like. Being a small business ensures that nothing is mass produced and everything that leaves their workshop is handcrafted according to the client’s demands. They work closely on a personal level with their clients to ensure that every need is met.
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