Atla Design - Sustainable Furniture

Beautiful walnut dining table staged in a modern dining room.
Round walnut coffee table on blue rug with a book on it.
Beautiful modern style cherry wood coffee table on a rug with a book on it.
Geometric wood bench or coffee table made from various wood species.
Geometric wood benches.
Various wood benches pieced together in a symettrical pattern.
Man applying hardwax oil wood finish to a walnut table top.
Birch wood dining table in a light room.
Wood dining table and chairs staged.
Custom wood and metal chair made from responsible materials.
Responsible sourced wood table.
Responsibly sourced wood chairs with environmentally friendly wood finish on them.
Dining table chairs made from responsibly sourced wood materials.
Dining table with environmental wood finish applied to it.
Wood chairs at a glass dining table.
A dining table with a mount of dirt on it and mini trees sticking it.


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