FR Oil System

When fire ratings matter

Rubio Monocoat FR Oil System is the first fire-retardant oil system that has acquired a Bfl-s1 certification for oak. The system combines a pre-treatment with the fire-retardant RMC FR Base and a finish with Rubio Monocoat FR Oil 2C.

Fr Oil Product Image
  • No build-up of layers, no saturation
  • 0% VOC
  • No solvents or water
  • Available in 48 standard interior colors
  • Manual and industrial application
  • Optimal performance: low consumption
  • Certificate Bfl-s1 tested according to the standard: EN 13501-1: EN ISO 11925-2 and EN ISO 9239-1
  • Packaging: FR Base - 1 Liter & 5 Liter cans
  • Packaging: FR Oil 2C - 1.3 Liter and 3.5 Liter duo cans
  • TDS


Rubio Monocoat FR Oil System

FR Oil System

FR Oil System Colors:

FR Oil System colors are the same colors as Oil Plus 2C.

View Oil Plus 2C colors.

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