RYCO Woods - Challis Sound Wave

Project Information

Year: 2018

Location: Forth Worth, Texas

Category: Residential

Type: Misc


Species: Oak (White)

Project Description

RYCO Woods - Challis Sound Wave

"For those that have been following the epic sand/finish/sand/finish/sand saga in my Instagram stories, you know how happy I am to finally be (almost) done with this piece. I had a vision of making this oak grain pop using Rubio Monocoat but I lacked the understanding of how mixing finishes would go...At some point I tagged Rubio, not thinking they were going to see the post, I guess I just did it out of habit. But they did see it, and they reached out to me. They were super cool! They explained to me the problem of the Rubio Monocoat not bonding to the stain I was using was because I was using an oil based stain then applying an oil base finish over top. They explained that I should use their Precolor Easy because it is water based. Then I could apply the Oil Plus 2C, because that bonds to the cellulose in the wood. Precolor Easy was designed to stain without prohibiting this bond. So what you’re seeing here is their Precolor Intense Black and topped with their Oil Plus 2C Smoke 5%. And it came out perfect! I already loved their Oil Plus 2C Pure for all of my walnut finishes, but I am officially converted. I am such a fan of this company and their willingness to reach out to me to ask how they could help. You can’t ask for anything better in a company. So thank you very much, Rubio Monocoat!

Now, as for the piece itself; this is a hand-carved piece using a sliding miter-saw, measuring approximately 4’x2’ of a soundwave of a little girl saying, 'I love you, Daddy.' And like I said earlier, I’m not completely done. I’ve got one more detail to add: the recording itself! At the request of the customer, I'd like to add the option to put a push-button speaker hidden on the backside. This way, you can hear the audio anytime you want, with just the push of a button. This is the kind of gift that will last a lifetime. A big thank you to my client for trusting me and allowing me to make something for you and your family that is truly timeless and unique! Happy new year, y’all!"

RYCO Woods is located in Fort Worth, TX and creates high quality wood furniture as well as the occasional original artistic piece.
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