King of Colors

A large selection of colors is great, but which color is best for your project? With our color configurator, you can simply compare colors on different wood finishes and you can experience the result in a real-life setting. This not only makes it easy to select your favourite color, but you also immediately get to see how that color affects a space. By your request, your project can be saved so that you can look at it again later and finalize it.

Experiment with Colors

There are a number of factors that determine how intense a color will look on the wood. The unique tone and woodgrain of the wood type and the finish of the wood both play a big role in this. With the King of Colors tool, you can experiments with these factors until you have found the color of your dreams.

Color range

Compare all of our
40 standard colors.

Wood processing

See the impact of different
wood processing on a chosen color.

Real-life settings

Explore the result in
real-life settings.

An unlimited color palette

RMC Oil Plus 2C is available in 50+ different colors, which also enrich the natural look & feel of wood. In addition to these standard colors, we also launch trend-color collections every year. These can also be mixed with each other, which provides an unlimited palette of options.

And have we told you that 1 coat is enough to optimally color and protect your wood? Very economical and sustainable indeed!

Our color range

About King of colors

In the last few years, Rubio Monocoat and King of colors have often been mentioned in one breath. This is no coincidence, because the spirit of the mascot is woven into our identity. Boldness, loyalty and teamwork are qualities we share and aspire to. We also daily strive to continue being the market leader for oil colors.


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