Project of the Month - May

3 May 2017
Beautiful acoustic absorbing panels with veneer finishing on the walls of the Deloitte Auditorium. This unique office development project is situated in the great "Gateway" building at Brussels Airport in Zaventem (Belgium). Print Acoustics, a division of Triplaco, is specialized in the development, production and delivery of acoustic absorbing panels, doors and freestanding elements. They work together with architects, installors and builders to design the most suitable solution for every application.

Project details:
Builder: Codic Group & Immobel for Deloitte HQ
Architect: Jaspers - Eyers Architects & A2RC Architects
Building company: CIB Blaton - Van Laere
Subcontractor: Reynders - Eiffage
Product: RMC Oil Plus 2C
Colour: White
Woodtype: Oak veneer
Surface: +- 2800 ft²
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